Hello, I'm Adriana Bachmann.

Climate Communicator & Ecospirituality Coach

A corporate communications professional by day, and Climate Communicator by night, I have been creating sustainability content since 2017. My journey, like any ~good~ journey, started with a blog.

In 2017 I founded Earth Momma Trainee, a blog where I explore the connection between mind, body and earth. I focus on the topics of ecospirituality and green-care; wholesome foods and ancient remedies; and environmentalism. I believe that the more we take care of Mother Earth, the more she will take care of us in return.

When I first started my blog, it was mostly a place for me to rant and rage against the climate denying machine. Later, I began using it as a platform to share the things I learned about taking care of ourselves and our planet in harmony.

Soon, I began writing for various green lifestyle magazines and creating social media content for local sustainability organizations. This led me to serve as the VP of Marketing for Arizona Sustainable Apparel Association for two years, and later become an Ambassador of Sustainability for Sustainable Tucson.

Localist and Activist

As an active member of the Southern Arizona sustainability community, I do my best to elevate local businesses and organizations in my area that are passionate about the environment and making a positive impact.

Not only am I an accomplished Climate Communicator, but I am also a certified Ecospirituality Coach. Having struggled with an eating disorder since childhood, I began my journey to recovery in 2019. At the beginning of this journey, I became acutely aware that I was missing something very important in my life: spirituality.

During my recovery, I reconnected with the earth and found spiritual comfort in the idea that we are all connected. Soon, I decided to pursue an Ecospirituality Coach certification, hoping to teach science-based mindful ecotherapy techniques with future clients to help in their personal healing journeys.

Although I have not yet started practicing, I hope to launch my Ecospirituality Coaching services sooner than soon! Keep an eye out for more on that.

Contact Me Today!

Do you have questions about Earth Momma Trainee, or need help communicating about sustainability? Interested in collaborating? Reach out to me, I'd love to chat!


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