About Earth Momma Co.

What is Earth Momma?

Earth Momma is a brand that leads with love, for people and planet. We are inspired by climate science and ecospirituality, which sound like opposing systems of knowledge but really go hand in hand. Climate science educates us on the ways we can protect the planet, while ecospirituality inspires us to do so.

Earth Momma was founded by Adriana Bachmann, a Climate Communicator and Earth Momma "in training." Why in training? Because we all have more to learn, even Climate Communicators! Check out what Earth Momma has to offer below:

Earth Momma Trainee Blog

Earth Momma Trainee is an independent publication powered by Earth Momma Co. We are dedicated to sharing science-based information on environmentalistm, ecospirituality, green care and mindfulness.

Monthly Newsletter & Podcast Shorts

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Subscription Options

Support us by subscribing to our platform! There are currently two tiers: Basic (Free) and Earth Momma Club (Paid). Each tier provides different perks, and you can check them out here.

Ecospirituality Coaching

We hope to offer virtual and live group Ecospirituality Coaching by the end of 2023, so keep on the lookout for more information coming soon!

Want to learn more about Adriana? Click here to check out her bio and follow her socials! She can't wait to connect with you!

Earth Momma Mission

Our mission is to serve as a resource to others who are wanting to learn how to be kinder to our planet and become Earth Mommas of their own.

Sharing accurate information is important to us, which is why all of our content is informed by media literacy. This means we are critical of the messages currently coming from the online sustainability community and advertisers, and work to correct misinformation. We aren't shy about spilling the tea on sustainability!

Earth Momma Vision

To help you discover the connection between mind, body and earth.

Earth Momma Pillars

To serve the Earth Momma Vision, the content shared on Earth Momma Trainee will focus on the following pillars of information:

Mind: Learn about ecospirituality and green-care, different ways to utilize nature to nurture your mind and support your mental health.
Body: Explore how time in and around nature can help sustain your physical health and wellbeing.
Earth: Nurture nature and she will nurture you in return! Discover ways to help bring our planet back to equilibrium.
Media Literacy: Media Literacy is the ability to think critically about what you are seeing, reading, and hearing from the media. We are critical of the messages currently coming from the online sustainability community and advertisers, and work to correct misinformation.