About Earth Momma Trainee.

The author of this blog, Adriana Bachmann, is an Earth Momma "in training." Please join Adriana on her journey to earning the true title of Earth Momma, and learning the meaning of "mind, body, and earth" along the way!

Earth Momma Mission

Although Earth Momma Trainee is a green lifestyle blog sharing Adriana's journey in learning about the "mind, body and earth" connection, the ultimate purpose of this website is to serve as a resource to others who are wanting to learn how to be kinder to our planet and become Earth Mommas of their own. It's important for us to share accurate information about the current state of our environment, and ways we can fix the mess we have inadvertently made.

Earth Momma Vision

To help you discover the connection between mind, body and earth.

Earth Momma Pillars

To serve the Earth Momma Vision, the content shared on Earth Momma Trainee will focus on the following pillars of information:

Mind: Learn about ecospirituality and green-care, different ways to utilize nature to nurture your mind and support mental health.
Body: Explore how wholesome foods and time in nature can help sustain your physical health and wellbeing.
Earth: If you take care of Mother Earth, she will take care of you in return! Discover ways to help bring our planet back to equilibrium.

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