Welcome to Earth Momma Notes, the Newsletter!

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Happy Earth Month and welcome to the first edition of Earth Momma Notes! Currently a work in progress, it will only get better with time and love. Like a sustainable fine wine or an aged vegan cheese 🍷🧀

On the first Monday of every month, you will receive the latest edition of Earth Momma Notes right in your inbox! Each newsletter will highlight the latest climate related news, provide science-based green living tips, and share ideas on how to nurture ecomindfulness in our everyday lives.

As a subscriber, you will also get exclusive access to my podcast shorts called The Tea on Sustainability, where I share my take on the latest sustainability news, trends, and discoveries; tackling myths and misinformation as they come our way!

The podcast's very first episode, The Tea on ByBlocks and Eco Bricks, is included in this month's newsletter with a new episode coming in May 🎙️

As you continue to read, keep in mind that my professional background is in media and communications. This means my take will be informed by a combination of climate and media literacy, so you might be met with some hot takes 🔥 that go against the ~heavily marketed and mediated~ eco grain.

I ask that you keep an open mind and remember that it's okay for us to change our opinions when we take in new information. It's called growth, and isn't that what we're advocating for as environmentalists? 🌱

♥ Adriana

In today's issue

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What is Eco-Guilt and How Can You Cope?
The Tea on ByBlocks and Eco Bricks