Earth Week Challenge: Making Every Day Greener

Earth Week Challenge: Making Every Day Greener

Celebrate Earth Week, Earth Momma style!

In honor of Earth Week, we've created a week-long challenge that is designed to be realistic and approachable, allowing participants to explore various aspects of a more sustainable lifestyle. By integrating these practices into daily life, each of us can make a difference in protecting our planet for future generations.

Download the PDF below (or save the image) and follow along on Instagram at @earthmommatrainee for additional resources to support each day's theme. You won't want to miss out!

You'll notice the final day of this challenge is called "Reflective Sunday" and asks participants to commit to making at least one permanent change based on the challenge. This was done on purpose to avoid experiencing eco-burnout. Eco-burnout is something that a lot of us in the environmental world have experienced after years of trying to "do it all." Thinking you have to make every single change from the get-go will only set you up for failure.

Instead, focus on creating one new habit at a time. Once you have one thing down, move on to the next! And remember to take breaks if you need to.

As long as we're all doing the best that we can when we can, those small changes will add up to big results.

Happy Earth Week to you all!

Shout out to Tucson Creative Comadres for inviting me to speak at their Comadres Earth Day Walk and inspiring me to create this Earth Week Challenge! Follow them on Instagram at @tucsoncreativecomadres