The Tea on ByBlocks and Eco Bricks

The Tea on ByBlocks and Eco Bricks
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Introducing Spilling the Tea on Sustainability, my new podcast where we discuss the latest sustainability news, trends and discoveries; tackling myths and misinformation as they come our way! This week's episode explores the concept of ByBlocks and Eco Bricks, and shares the latest news out of Tucson, AZ where one innovative City Councilman is taking the leap of partnering with a company to divert non-recyclable plastics from his ward and convert them into building material for future community projects.​

Why use plastic as building material?

As we all know by now, plastic pollution is a major problem. It poses a real threat to our oceans, waterways and natural habitats. Although recycling is an option to divert some of our plastic waste from polluting our lands or ending up in the landfill, there are a number of plastics that are not recyclable at our local recycling facilities. And even worse, there's no market for it. In creating materials such as ByBlocks and Eco Bricks, we are able to give our plastic waste a new life.

​Although this sounds like the perfect solution, not everyone is convinced.

​Listen to the first episode of Spilling the Tea on Sustainability to find out what the pros and cons are of creating ByBlocks and Eco Bricks, and determine for yourself whether you think it's a worthwhile endeavor!

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